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accommodations on St. Vincent & Grenadines

common informations about accommodations

accommodations St. Vincent

Skyblue Beach Apartments - Indian Bay
Richmond Vale Academy
Ferdie's Footsteps - Georgetown

accommodations Grenadines

Hibiscus Apartments - Beqiua
Sunny Grenadines Hotel - Union Island

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Common informations about accommodations

On every bigger island there are accommodation in various categories. As everywhere in the carribean they distinguish between summer- and winter-saison:

summer : 15. april to 14. dezember
winter : 15. dezember to 14. april

High-saison is around christmas. The prices for an apartment/room for 2 people starts from 35 US$. In the rule additional cost are 7 % government tax und 10 % service charge. Outside the christmas time you can travel to the carribean and then you can look for an accommodation you like.

We mostly liked the apartment houses because of the relation of benefit and price. Better hotels cost 200 U$ minimum..

If you want to live central on St. Vincent and also want to go out in the evening it is the best to stay in the region of Villa (for example Skyblue Appartments).


accommodation St. Vincent

Skyblue Beach Appartments - Indian Bay

Skyblue Beach Appartments
Indian Bay
Manager Roslyn Fraser
PO Box 87
St. Vincent W.I.
Tel. 784 457 4394
Fax. 784 457 5232

45 U$ for an appartment per day.

Longer (several months) stays are welcome and the prices therefore have to be discussed.

You will find the appartments in a quiet dead end street in the region of Villa. The air line distance to the sea is about 200 m. The next beach is about 500 m away.

To the mainstreet, where a lot of minibuses drive past, it´s only about 500 m. The appartments are a ideal starting point for trips on the whole island.

On the estate there is one main house, where the owner and her employees live and the appartmenthouse with 8 units.

The appartments have a bath room with shower, a sleeping room and a kitchen-living-room. Each appartment has a small balcony region or a terrace, which is also the access to the living units.

The owner is reserved, but friendly and you can send Emails home from her computer.

We stayed there for one week and after a break (Grenadines) another 3 days. We liked the appartment and the location (5 minutes to the airport by minibus).


Richmond Vale Academy

Richmond Vale Academy
Ansprechpartner Henrik Lindvig
Richmond Vale
St. Vincent W. I .
Tel. 784 458-2255

10 U$ per person

Far in the north, at the end of the west coast-road lies Richmond Vale, a gathering of dotted houses, which you cannot really recognize as a village.The next bigger village in the south is Chateaubelair.

A few meters above the sea lies, very lonley, a giant, flat concrete building, which not fit in the region generally: the Richmond Vale Academy

Thie academy was build a few decades ago as a centrum of rehabilitation for Danish juvenile criminals and young people who were difficult to educate. But the program was never started because of political reasons, so that the building never was used for the original purpose.

Only a Danish named Henrik (a member of the staff, none of the bad boys), stayed there and is a successfull farmer now.

By the way he rents a few rooms on the big area.The giant kitchen can be used by his guest.

How you can see on the picture above, the spartan rooms are equiped with bunk beds. shower and toilet are on the floor. Because mostly there are no other guests it's no problem to share. It´s like a youth hostel.

The region around Richmond Vale offers a lot of nature. Tips about the numerous activities you will find soon on our Richmond Site.


Ferdie's Footsteps - Georgetown

Ferdie's Footsteps
Besitzer Ferdinand Toney
Restaurant, Bar, Grocery, Apartment
Commercial Road
St. Vincent W.I.
Tel. 809 458-6433

30 - 35 U$

We stayed in Ferdies house for a few days, which lies on the right site coming from Kingstown about 800 m in front of his shop.

The accommodation was real simple and also not very clean. If this doesn't matter to you, this is a interesting starting point for tours in the north.

You must not see Ferdie´s restaurant from inside. Unfortunately nobody warned us. Perhaps he engage a new cook in the meanwhile.

The highlight of the village is the nearby volcano La Soufriere (1230 m). Ferdie offers a well leaded walking-tour on the peak. More tips about the village comes soon on on our Georgetown site.


accommodations Grenadines

Hibiscus Apartments - Bequia

The Hibiscus Apartments
Manager Ethel Ollivierre
Port Elizabeth
St. Vincent W.I.
Tel. 809 458 3889/3316
Fax. 809 457 3388

between 65 U$ und 75 U$

A little bit above the main-village of Bequia lies this nice appartment house with about 6-8 living-units. We stayed in the cheapest Apartment with garden. Good relation of benefit and price.


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