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Hotel El Salton in the Sierra Maestra

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location and hotel

The Sierra Maestra is a mountain area in the west of Santiago de Cuba. Here you normally won't find any tourist.

Beautifully situated in a green valley between the mountains you find the hotel El Salton. It is a hideway for all tourist, who want to enjoy the nature at a very peacefull place.

Here you find pictures from the hotel and the surroundings: El Salton slide show

The hotel has it's own waterfall with a very nice pool. During the day there are sometimes tourist groups who leave after a barbecue in the afternoon. Only few groups stay overnight.

The meals served in the restaurant are OK. But the price is a little to high compared to local circumstances. The rooms have satelitte TV and they are well furnished.

Meanwhile it should be possible to book the hotel from outside Cuba. The price is about 30 to 40 U$ for a double room with breakfast.

We booked the hotel at the cuban tour agency Gaviota which was about 7 U$ cheaper compared to the price the charged in the hotel.

Hotel El Saltón
Cruce de Los Barnos
Provinz Santiago de Cuba
Tel: 6-1175

Here you find few information:


how to go there

The easiest way is to take a taxi from Holguin airport. This should cost about 50 to 70 U$. If you like it the adventurous way you can also ask a driver of one of the busses who make the transfer to the hotels near Santiago de Cuba. They can drop you near the El Salton.


private accommodation in the area

At the moment we don't know any private accommodations in this area. If you find something, please let us know.


trips, entertainment

In the surrounding mountains you will find beautifull hiking trails. The hotel has a guide , who speaks English, French and German. You should convince him that you are not a normal tourist and that you would like to see the real Cuba, before you start the tour. Otherwise he makes his normal walk and he shows you a "real" cuban family which likes sell this and that.

But if you ask him several times to leave the beaten track, he will do so. We visited a very hospitable family. We had a drink in their smale house. They showed us how to pick coconuts. And when we sayed good by many fruits where put in our backpack. Everything without a financial interest.

If you like to ride through the countryside, you can also rent horses, which are a little underfed.

You can swim in a natural pool, which is on the hotel area only a few meters away from the rooms. The pool has an impressive waterfall.


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