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Baracoa - No. 1 in the East

The city
How to go there
accommodations - hotels, private
Trips - alone, with a guide
Nightlife - once a week

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The city

Baracoa ist the bigest city at cuba's southeastern tip. It's a quaint colonial town of about 38.000 inhabitants. Baracoa is surrounded by plantations, mountains, rivers and secondary rainforest. It's a lovely, relaxing town, which fits the needs of basic tourism. The people of Baracoa got used to a few tourist, who tour the east in a week and stay one night in their town. There are a few nice beaches in the surroundings.

There are a cathedral, a museum, a tobacco factory and several old forts, which can be visited.


How to go there

Baracoa can be reached by Bus or by truck from Guantánamo and Santiago de Cuba. Trucks and sometimes buses go from Moa in the north to Baracoa.

The bus company Astro (office at the bus station) offers minibus transport from Santiago de Cuba to Baracoa. A ticket costs 13 U$ (in comparison : taking the bus - less comfortable - is 9 U$). There is a minimum of 5 passengers.

Several times a week there is a small plane from Havanna to Baracoa. The small airport is near to the city.



There are 3 hotels and several private accommodations in Baracoa.

We highly recommend the two rooms of Mrs. Torres:

Ana Torres (photo) is a dentist and in addition she rents 2 rooms of her house to tourists. She cooks delicious meals and take care of the wellbeing of her guests. It's a good idea to take breakfast and dinner, if you choose this place.

We spent 10 days in the shown room, which includes up to two fans. The room includes a big wardrobe. The other two photos show Mrs. Torres house and the street, where it's located. The house is located above the center of the town. It takes only a few minutes by feet to reach the center and the Malecon (seaside street).

Price high season / low season :
double room 15 / 12 U$
dinner per person 5 U$
breakfast per person 2 U$

Dr. Ana Torres
Calixto Garcia #162
Entre Cespedes y Coroneles Galano
97310 Baracoa, Guantanamo, Cuba
phone 0053 226 42754

Ana Torres
Ana's Privatzimmer Ana's Haus Die Straße

If you like it a little bit more comfortable, there are 3 middle class hotels in Baracoa. But you won't find the special atmosphere of a private home there.

Hotel La Rusa is located at the malecon. It's probably the cheapest one (about 20 - 25 U$ per night for a double room).

Hotel El Castillo is located in an old fort. There is a good view of the bay and El Yunque (an anvil-shaped mountain) from the swimming pool. In our mind this is the best hotel in town. Here you can make contacts with Baracoas guide No. 1, Antonio Mas Gamez. You can book this hotel from Germany and probably from other countries. In Germany the double room is about 35 U$. Hotel El Castillo
Hotel Porto Santo is located near the airport. But there are only a few planes a week. You can book this hotel from overseas. The rates are about the same as the El Castillo. Porto Santo has a nice pool and a small and dirty beach. Hotel Porto Santo



Some of Cuba's most extensive forests blanket the highlands behind Baracoa. So this is an great area for hiking or just enjoying the nature. There are several rivers near town. Coconuts, cocoa, bananas, mangos and several other fruits are planted in this area.

If you want to get a lot of information about Cuba, the Cubans and expecially about the area around Baracoa, Antonio Mas Gamez (photo) is the best guide for you. He knows almost everything about plants, animals, history and the current situation of the country. He is an English teacher and he also speaks French perfect.

Tony organizes the transport by car and by scooter. We recommend the scooter its more fun and cheaper. The scooter is 16 U$ per day, which is a very good price in Cuba. The full day trips are about 4 - 8 U$ per person. You can contact Tony at the El Castillo.

Tony - Baracoas Guide Nr. 1

We did the following excursions with Tony (more details will come soon):

Rió Duaba, Río Toa

2 nice rivers. Boattrip is possible.

El Yunquee

The nearby anvil-shaped mountain. A great hike of about 2,5 hours up and 1,5 hour down. From the top you have a marvelous view over Baracoa.

Río Miel

A trip you can easily do by your own. Río Miel is a nice river south of town near the street to Guantánamo. If you leave town in the direction of Guantánamo turn right about 200 m behind the Servi Cupet petrol station. On your way you will cross the river. Then follow the road, turn right next cross and just hike along the river as long as you want. Choose a weekend for this trip and you will see how the local families spend their spare time. There are several places which are good for swimming.

Villa Maguana

A small hotel located at one of the best beaches in this area. Its about 14 miles northwest of Baracoa at the street to Moa. A perfect place to relax. If you want to stay there for more then one day, you should contact the desk at the hotel Porto Santo. The double room should be about 35 U$.

Río Yumuri

A marvelous river about 20 miles southeast of Baracoa. You can hike through a canyon and have a bath in the river after that.


A trip by car to the most eastern point of Cuba.



Nightlife in Baracoa takes place once a week on saturday. Then all citizens meet in the center of town and have a few cups of rum. You should not miss this event. Its great.


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